About MWA

Music World Anonymous (MWA) was launched on October 22nd 2011. MWA was created for the purpose to help bands find more fans to share and enjoy their music.

If you have any suggestions on what we should add or change please feel free to contact us.

Coming About

How the site became what it is now.

The idea started when bands started following @GreenDayPunk182 (the owner) on twitter. She noticed that most of the bands that began following her did not seem to have a very large fan base. From that point she made a decision to help out one band by making a free website for them to help spread their music. Once the site had a good layout and basic info added - it quickly became Music World Anonymous. All the sudden the idea of helping one band for free became helping every band for free. The first bands that were added are ones that started following @GreenDayPunk182. You can still follow her on Twitter and be added to the site.

About The Owner

Hi, my name is Mandy! I am 21 years old and I have a daytime job. Some people may know me as Cutielou22 from my other website Solpets.com (which is a free virtual pet site - very different from MWA).

As you should know by reading "Coming About" above, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter @GreenDayPunk182 and I will add your band to the site for free. Note:You do not need to be in a band to follow me and fans of a band can request a band to be added.

I do have 2 blogs. Here is one: http://cutielouhasablog.tumblr.com/

Quick Facts About Me:
Current Residence: United States of America
Favorite genre of music: Punk Rock
Favorite cartoon character(s): Spongebob, Mario, Gir
Favorite movies: A Walk To Remember, Gran Torino, Man On A Ledge, The Dark Night, Dark Shadows
Favorite TV shows: Switched at Birth, Spongebob, iCarly, Criminal Minds, Two and a Half Men, Hoppus on Music, Supernatural, The Dead Zone
Favorite bands/musical artists: Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Avenged Sevenfold, All Time Low, Escape The Fate, My Chemical Romance, Angels and Airwaves, The Maine, Breathe Carolina, Ice Nine Kills, Falling in Reverse
Favorite books: The Music of Dolphins, The Catcher and the Rey
Favorite writers: Karen Hesse, Stephen King
Other Interests: Programming, Graphics, Photography, and Music (of course!)

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