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Band Status: Active
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Genre(s): Hardcore
Record Label: 13th Floor Records
Band Members
Cory Fischer: guitar
Luke: Unknown
Ryan: Unknown
Andy: Unknown
Justin: Unknown
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22627 listeners
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Bored of his daily routine, guitarist Cory Fischer formed Frameworks in 2011 by “writing some sad tunes with too much delay and reverb. We really wanted to find an efficient way to waste a lot money, quit our jobs and drop out of school.” From a friendship with popular Florida hardcore band Von Wolfe, the band gained momentum in the local scene. “Kids assumed that we were good because we were playing every show with them,” says Fischer. Frameworks’ next plans include releasing a new 7-inch and a winter tour.

Touché Amoré, La Dispute, Defeater

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