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Band Status: Active
Hometown: Swansea, South Wales
Genre(s): Punk
Band Members
Gareth Dawson: drums
Gavin Pryce: guitar
Scott Neil: guitar
Zach Williams: bass
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1920 listeners
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After their former bands split up in 2009 Gavin Pryce and Zach Williams were drinking in a pub and decided to start a band. They enlisted guitarist Scott Neil who they knew through local shows, and then added drummer Gareth Dawson, playing their first show in 2010. These South Wales, U.K. natives are part of a tight-knit punk community, which is anchored by the local shows Pryce organizes. "We play shouty and loud-pop-punk songs about the love/hate relationship we have with the places we live and the people and life experiences that come with it.," he says. Dividers have done some light touring, but their real ambition is to have fun. Mission accomplished.

Get Bent, Paul Simon

Iron Chic, Get Bent, Lifetime

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