Cold Forty Three

Cold Forty Three

Band Overview

Band Status: Active
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Genre(s): Pop/Punk/Rock/Alternative
Record Label: Chamberlain records
Manager: Moises Cruz
Year Formed: 2008
Band Members
Carter Cash: guitar/vocals
Joshua Cruz: bass/vocals
Ricky James: drums
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955 listeners
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COLD FORTY THREE arrived on the scene in 2010 in a way that was seldom seen by even the most seasoned touring professionals. Joshua Cruz, Moses Cruz, and Ricky James Acosta believed that hard-work, determination and all out guerrilla marketing was the only way to achieve success. In 2008 Cold Forty Three began their touring career by booking their own shows across the country. They continued to tour in 2009 while selling their Debut album," From The Garage to Your Speakers" on their own with no distribution. In march '09 CFT did something that would establish them as a band that simply refuses to give up on any ambition they have. Without any prior bookings, they made their way to Austin TX, and the SXSW music festival. CFT was able to secure bookings that gained them good exposure, and a further desire to continue forward. In the summer of '09 Cold Forty Three decided to follow the entire Warped Tour and sell albums to the kids waiting in line, as well as play shows on their off days . CFT even sold CD's at local malls to fund their touring. CFT campaigned on the tour and on August 23, 2009 they finished in Los Angeles. CFT immediately drove back east to catch up and follow Blink 182, on their reunion tour, in Camden, New Jersey. CFT sold CD's and promoted themselves before and after every Blink 182 show until Pelham Alabama. Upon arriving in Alabama the band decided to tour back home to Los Angeles, where they arrived in December. The year 2010 brought forth the same determination and the band embarked once again on tour in January all the way through May, building a fan base that has grown with each passing month. In June 2010 CFT decided to once again follow the Warped Tour and the band set a goal to do whatever it took to play a least once on the tour, even though they weren't invited or entered any contest. Cold Forty Three achieved this goal on July 28th 2010, by playing the Ernie Ball stage in Cincinnati OH. CFT went on to play an additional three shows in Shakopee, Minnesota, Bonner Springs, Kansas and Hillsboro, Oregon. The band also has been invited to play SXSW in March 2011. With that being said Cold Forty Three is looking forward to 2011 being their biggest year ever, with a new album scheduled to be released in early 2011and a year full of non-stop touring.

The Beatles, Blink-182, NFG, PUNK ROCK in General, The Killers, The Outfield, The Misfits,A Day To Remember, Kanye West, Bayside, Fall Out Boy, Brenton Wood, Oldies in General

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