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Band Status: Active
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Genre(s): Classic Rock
Website: Official Website
Booking Agent: Randy Hudson/David Opalecky
Manager: Randy Hudson/David Opalecky
Year Formed: 2008
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    We're an Allman Brothers Trubute band, so we play The Allman Brothers Band music...we also do it very well. We just love to play, and entertain people...the more the merrier. So if you see us in your neighborhood...or just see us...come on out and get

    The Allman Brothers Band; Gov't Mule; Derrick and the Dominos; Charlie Daniels; Marshall Tucker; The blues and good ol' fashion Rock and Roll.

    Extra Information
    Got a gig for us? Let us know...we\'ll be there and put on a great show. We love to get out and schroom, and take along as many folks with us that will join in. So don't be afraid, come on out and\'ll be glad you did. And you can tell your friends that you schroomed, and they may become jealous and join you in your schrooming adventure next time.

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