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Band Status: Active
Hometown: New Haven
Genre(s): Rock
Band Members
Mario Nascimento: Unknown
Justin O\'Neill: Unknown
James Ward: Unknown
Ryan White: Unknown
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"The aptly named Canvas pulls a Jackson Pollock with its debut EP and throws something for everybody into this indie rock offering. Depending on what you’re into you’ll find different things to fall in love with on Ashes. Fans of punk will enjoy the high energy of tracks like “Fight Winner” and “Lucky”. While indie rockers will enjoy the soothing vocal delivery of frontman Ryan White. It’s not an easy task pleasing a wide range of often pretentious music listers, but somehow between the harrowing sonic melodies and catchy hooks a sweet spot has been found. If radio stations played music that people would actually enjoy, instead of pushing music from whichever artist’s record label gives them the most money, they’d be playing the new Canvas EP." -

Drive By, Transit,, AM Taxi

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