Like Giants

Like Giants

Band Overview

Band Status: Active
Hometown: Ponchatoula, LA
Genre(s): Christian/Hardcore
Band Members
Micah Tuminaro: vocals
Steven Nugent: guitar
Robbie Buisson: guitar
Kalib Meadows: bass
Aaron Robertson: drums
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81 listeners
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We are a christian band out of the deep south of Louisiana. We are a band/ministry that is hoping to travel the world to spread the love of our Lord. We formed in late 2009 and have went through so much as a band of brothers. We have lost and gained so much as a band and have still continued to love and cherish the talents that the Lord has given us. We are really down to earth and are willing to talk to anyone who may need help or advice with something that is going on in their life. Chances are pretty good that we have went through the same thing. Thanks for the love and support from everyone and we hope to meet more people on he road.

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