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Band Status: Active
Genre(s): Pop/Rock
Record Label: Execution Style Entertainment
Manager: Seane DeMott
Year Formed: 2004
Band Members
Jake Fight: vocals/drums
Jon Ramirez: vocals/guitar
Anthony Colocho: vocals/bass
Danny Molloy: guitar/keys/vocals
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165 listeners
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When the producer of some of classic & modern rock’s most prolific and successful acts takes notice of your work then the “right chords” must be being played. Uber-producer Scott Humphreys (Motley Crue, Rob Zombie, Green Day) took notice of Nextdoor’s demo reel including the track “Strangers” when he heard it thru during a promotional campaign for Crue drummer Tommy Lee. So along with former Exie’s leader/writer/producer Scott Stevens, Humphries co-produced the track at Lee’s home studio. Upon hearing the newly produced track and seeing the band’s live shows years prior, A&R executive Sean E. DeMott took great interest in the band and their career and signed them to management deal. Which eventually led to DeMott bringing the band to the attention of Monster Energy marketing manager Brent Hamilton who immediately signed the band to an endorsement deal which not only increased their exposure in the marketplace but also gave them a second home along with Monster Energy’s already stellar stable of artists. Now with production interest, management, brand backing and a MySpace page with nearly 20,000 fans, Nextdoor are in the final stages of finishing up their self-titled EP that includes not only “Strangers”, but also the tracks ‘Hold On”, ‘Art of Growing Up”, “Awkward Breakfast” and “Here I Am”, mixing the melodic rock of standard bearers like Cheap Trick with the oft-kilter sounds of everyone from Taking Back Sunday to Kings of Leon, all tied together with John Ramirez’s raw vocal intensity. To promote the band’s new release, they’ll spend November filming footage for their debut video, which will include cameos from Monster Energy cohorts Atreyu and MTV’s Fantasy Factory’s Chanel. Look for upcoming national touring dates in the near future and to hear streaming of their EP check out the band at

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