Life On Repeat

Life On Repeat

Band Overview

Band Status: Active
Hometown: Maryland
Genre(s): Rock
Record Label: Equal Vision Records
Band Members
Pat Purves: vocals
Zach King: guitar
Andrew Baylis: guitar
Devon Voisine: bass
David Walker: drums
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25058 listeners
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Salisbury, MD may not be known for its music scene, but Life On Repeat are well on their way to putting it on the map. “When we were first starting out, the closest venues were about two hours away. We rented out halls and churches to hold our own shows," drummer David Walker describes. "Over the years we've managed to establish our own local scene through the shows we've set up." After playing numerous shows in their hometown, the quintet set out on self-booked tours for nearly two years straight. Life On Repeat’s commitment to the road has allowed them to tour the country and back, sharing the stage with everyone from Chiodos and Bane to Versa Emerge and The Ataris, and performing at festivals such as SXSW, South by So What, and Cornerstone Festival. Upon signing with Equal Vision Records in early 2009, the band met with producer Brian McTernan (Thrice, Circa Survive, Senses Fail) in Baltimore, MD to record the four song EP, As I Grew, that was released in December 2009. Offering their new music to fans via Bandcamp’s “pay what you want” model, the EP reached over 8,000 new fans within a year. Nearly a year to the date after releasing As I Grew, the band returned to the recording studio, this time with Taylor Larson [Sky Eats Airplane, Of Legends] at the Bethesda, MD-based Oceanic Recording Studios. “Taylor really understands our sound and the direction we wanted to take on the album. His endless ideas and creative production really pushed us to the next level,” explains guitarist Andrew Baylis. The result is the band’s first full-length album: Struggle + Sleep. Of the new release, vocalist Patrick Purves explains, “So many people go through the motions of life without getting all they can out of it and without living life to the fullest. I was once told, ‘Life is nothing but struggle and sleep.’ I can’t help but find it to be very depressing, but very true at the same time. People should never live their life that way, filled with negativity and anger within them. I would much rather put my efforts into staying positive and accomplishing goals, even in the face of adversity.” Struggle + Sleep is not only more honest than previous recordings, but far more aggressive and musically focused, allowing for the emotional intensity of their lyrics to shine through. Purves flawlessly blends smooth R&B vocals and melodic hooks with the aggression and passion of pop-punk, intricately woven over the heavy riffing guitars of Baylis and Zach King, powerful, driving bass leads of Devon Voisine and the relentless energy of Walker behind the drum kit. With their powerful new album, Life On Repeat hopes fans can identify with the theme of the new album: the beautiful downfall that comes as a result of persevering through the hardest of times. “I do a lot of my writing when I'm depressed,” Purves concludes. “I find relief from those personal struggles through my writing and I hope the listener can find a similar relief in these new songs.

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