Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

This privacy policy is made to inform you of the information we collect from you and how we use it. By providing us with your personal information you should be aware that by registering with the site you are accepting our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy.

II. Collecting Information

When you register with our site we require you to provide certain information such as your: (a) email address. It will be used to help us provide opportunities that are special for the criteria you meet and may interest of you.

One of these special opportunities links to the third-party website Gravatar ( It associates the email you use to sign up for Music World Anonymous and checks if that email is on Gravatar - if it is (and your picture has a PG or G rating) it will be shown on your profile and used as your avatar through out the site.

III. Correcting Your Own Information

You do have the right to edit your information given to the site in your settings. The only info you are not able to edit or change is your email address and username for security reasons, however, you can still review them.

IV. Security

As we have already stated, the ability to change your email address or username is not allowed. This is to help stop spam. We also use captcha which is used to help stop spam when signing up and filling out certain forms.

A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For more information please feel free to visit their website

V. Cookies

Internet cookies are small pieces of information in text format that are downloaded to your computer when you visit many web sites. They are necessary to track certain information such as your email for your browser. Our cookies are deleted after 24 hours.

VI. Third Parties

Links to other sites (third-party websites) may be found through out the site. You must keep in mind when going to another site they have their own terms and privacy polices to accept. We will never sell your information to a third party.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 6, 2014.

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