What's New?

Layout Changes

We have changed the look of our forms and buttons to make the site look more cleaner to the eye. Is it working yet?


Finding a user with the same interest as you has gotton a little easier. You can now search a band and it will search through user's events to see if they have seen the band in concert. As always, you will also get results for any bands with profiles on MWA.

New User Profiles

User profiles are now more easily organized for the user (and their followers) to see what events and bands they have been too. New stats have also been added to break it down even more. Now you can see stats by year, venue, band, and much more.

Coming Soon: Profile images.

Follow My Timeline

This feature is used to tell you of new events made and more of someone you follow. Please note this feature is still in beta - please report any errors right away.

Coming Soon

We have some great features coming: A new Music Monday feature (more details to come) and new support system.

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